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New MultiPlayer Maps Plus a modified Path & Beyond Map


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This is a revised version of what i consider the best stock map. Setup with fast ore regrow rate so you never run out and i removed the ability of a naval strike on the outer part of the map.. you can still build water units where there is water in the middle of the map.



CNCNET map. This is a good map if your a q master. Setup with fast ore regrow rate so you never run out..



This is probablly my personal favorite. It a real simple build, but its setup to screw the other team over in several spots after you learn the map. Setup with fast ore regrow rate so you never run out..



Failed Soldier Rush. This map starts you off boxed in leaving your main base protected from engineers and soldiers. I personally don't mind running into someones base and destroying it the first 60 seconds, but This will keep that from happening..





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Q-Match- 2 Players. This is a perfect map to practice on or challenge another player. You are unable to build. You are given 9 tanks to start with, 4 war factories , 2 ore trucks, 4 or 5 Tesla coils, and 2 gap generators. Look at the map for a better idea.

Umm.. you mean, "You are unable to build buildings", right? :huh:

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Border Jump 3

2-8 Players



Lol you managed to create a map that will only allow the testla snake or air spam. I dont think there will be much replay value for this map. Also, the swastika can only atract negative attention to red alert. Please remove.

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Crate master 2-8 Players. It's important to set tech level to atleast 8 in your hosting this map to avoid missile spam.


I love crate maps. The problem with this one is there are to many choke points. Once one player has map control he can box the other player in. This means the first minute decides the match

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Thanks for the input Zjorz. On the crates map there is only 1 choke per when you spawn. Plus the crates drop rate has been increased so its harder than you think to get a fast victory. Also the game is based around an alternate ww2 timeline so i don't see a problem with the swastika being on a map.  This doesn't make the creator of the map or the people that play it a racist jew/ black killing hillbilly. 

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