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Ban or Warn [THE-1]

Ford (retired)

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I highly doubt registrations will stop this sort of immaturity. Its the internet there will always be idiots acting up. They need to just add a retard lobby. You know kinda like they had back in the day when using yahoo chat. I think it was called the fight room. the room Is equivalent to walking into walmart just to see all the idiots so you will feel better about yourself.

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yeah last night there was a guy playing ra1 naked. He also had a coked out midget sitting on his lap while his mom was cooking spaghetti in leather. it can get pretty gangsta in that lobby.


there was a guy playing ts wearing a coked out midget with a leather s/m hood and a ball gag sitting on his naked moms lap while she braided spaghetti into his pubic hair as she got a full body tattoo of public enemy

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