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Three things that i find annoying


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1. Most of the games i join are mod maps with unlimited money and symmetrical map layouts. I'm just not interested in a fight of basewalking... it's basically about how fast you can click rather than actual strategy.


2. every game is */8 why does everyone want laggy games with 8 people? 98% of the time they lag and there is no breathing room... far too cramped.


3. I don't get too many people joining my 2v2 games.


I mean, i can understand playing the odd mod map and having a laugh with unlimited money but every single game seems to be one of these maps... why are they so popular? Not really moaning just thought it'd be interesting to hear your thoughts on this.

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1. Tiberian Dawn is probably the only game you can almost guarantee this will not happen

2. Because nobody can be bothered to set for 4 people, they just kick excess people. Besides 8 player games (without laggy players) can be really really good.

3. It depends on what map you host, but generally you lose out on a majority if you're not playing da rASSta or some other garbage map like that.

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mod maps with unlimited money and symmetrical map layouts

i would have disagreed with you a week ago, but the more i play these kind of maps the more i dislike them. It always turns into a v2 rocket tesla war that takes forever to end if you don't  stop the multiple mvc building within the first 5 to 10 minutes.

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1. I agree.

2. I agree.

3. I agree.


Most hosts turn RTS into Real Time Spamming instead of Real Time Strategy.


The most memorable game for me until now is the 2v2 that I played. Where resources where actually harder to get and the opponent was at a relative farther distance.

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