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Why was my map removed


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I wasn't told anything . my map was sneak removed from my map thread. I would like to know why? Its themed around WW2 and i don't see what the big deal is? Its a rts war game based in the same time period as the map theme. Of course Einstein change it up but..  ZJOR said this about my first map with a swastika

Also, the swastika can only atract negative attention to red alert. Please remove.
  He has no idea what hes talking about because the map hes blabbing about has a left facing swastika and this has nothing to do with Nazi  Germany,its represents a religious symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism.  Some of the best video game ever made are based around this war.. Fuck look at Call of duty 1 or 2 and Medal of Honor. They all have right facing swastikas and SS bolts in the game play.  So yes i guess if your a closed minded ******* i could see how one would think this is a nigga and jew killing map made out of human skin that only us top of the bloodline Aryan race plays.
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bmoeller, you're overreacting again... djjammin1337 was defending you :dry:


As for your map, yeah, I saw the fact the post was reported, but I honestly thought it was a silly thing to report, and said so in the moderation discussion. Looks like Tore disagreed  :huh:

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some things are offensive to some people

the one in discussion here is offensive to some people not to others


if it doesn't offend you

and it offends others

no matter what you intention, context or personal beliefs are

they will still be bothered by it


good thing political and religious things are off limits here as they can

cause argument and that takes

away from the    for fun    fighting we are here for

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Amokk hit the nail on the head and well posted my old friend.


You seem to be arguing (paraphrased) that your map should not be removed because it is not politically offensive since the swastika points the other way, making it religious and not political.

I am not sure where your map was removed from, but if I am to assume it was from the forums, the forum rules are as follows:


Welcome! You have made the right choice to read our forum rules. While our rules do not differ much from the rules of other forums we do have some rules you might not expect.


Strict Rules:


- Do not post pirated software or other illegal items.

- Do not post pornography.

- Do not discuss hacking with malicious intent.

- Do not discuss religion or politics.


Violating any of the four rules above is grounds for an immidiate (sic) and depending on the circumstances permanent ban.


(I wonder if I would get removed for letting them know they misspelled immediate)


While I personally do not see anything wrong with the map, I am not easily offended. I think most people here were used to a previous community that was ran by people who were too busy playing Red Alert  to actually give a damn about the community so when things are actually moderated and rules are enforced it catches some off guard.


Please do not take this as an endorsement by me one way or the other. I highly respect people who make maps and commend you for taking the time to do it as I am too lazy to and would rather be playing them than making them. Not to mention most of the "strict" rules are some of my favorite topics but without rules we are left with chaos.


Your right that the games have a political angle to them but the games and the forums are two separate entities.


I hope this does not discourage you from making more maps. You da man!  Keep your chin up and keep on truckin'.


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