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Some old but good maps (Update: new stuff)


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I got some old RA 1 maps and an RA 2 map here:



Also something I tested and noticed way back that was never changed in RA is that Westwood intended to give England stronger armor and France faster firing rate by setting to 1.1 but it actually made them weaker and slower.  Meanwhile Germany correctly has stronger firepower and Ukraine has faster movement speed.  A couple of my maps fix England and France, making their settings 0.9.



Also, Hello Nyerguds.  Looks like some excellent work you done here!  Don't know if you remember me (Gokuma) from the RA Archive forums.

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Sorry, I've been pretty busy lately.  Anyway, I found some of my old unfinished maps & stuff.  And when I made that Volkov Deathmatch, I didn't account for Turkey becoming a playable nation so I used them for powered up bad guys.  Gotta fix that.  I noticed RA online fixes the countries bug by just giving all allied countries 1.1 Firepower and regular 1.0 everything else.

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