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Yo ts players.....the official hangout


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Hey Molajut, where u bro?loooooooooooooooong time!!!! O_o


In other news trz now undisputed #1? saw him beat kapa with his nod couple of days ago, his bos are mind boggling, kinda. :O


C0rps please fix ur connection....


Tab where u???no more ff 8ers? or late night bbgs............-_-


Also, what are we doing as a community about the guy who made the shitiest(although v popular) Giants map?  :ranting:


Can we have tournament going in the coming week?(Hey cncnet sponsor it! plz)


To all newbies, welcome!! need help with learning :mad:???Intro urself n make a topic plenty on to train/help :>.





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Cool, looks like it should be very soon. Like the 'leaderboard' interface.


@Iran; What happens when someone loads their cheats, and goes in game.

- Can they join a game?

- Will they load?

- Does the server know if that persons cheating(or tried to)?

- Or the cheats simply dont work?


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