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CnC Multi-Player Mapping Comp

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Welcome to the CnC Comm Tiberian Dawn Mapping Comp



The map must be a Multi-player map

It must not be up for download anyware

Only 1 submission per person

Maps must be in by the 27th of june (extended from the 19th)



out of 100


25 for detail

20 for playability

20 for Layout

15 for Bonus



Me (Revolutionary),


and we need more judges



In order to get this comp going we first need judges and people willing to take part

(Tore ill make a news post when we have another judge)


any questions just ask.

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As far as we tested, co-op maps give several problems in C&C1 because the AI reacts vastly different in multiplayer... not to mention, any waypoints added for AI team programming are automatically added to the list of possible player start locations. On top of that, the attacking AI units will always hunt for the most northern unit, meaning the AI will probably always target the same player.

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As long as that map pack hasnt been put up for download you are more than welcome to use any map in it


Damn, I've uploaded it to these forums. Right, I guess I'll try and find time to make a new one at some point :3

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i want to be a judge of course, and i will show you my latest map i created today.

heres a screenshot (it is a crate map):




How to play Crate Maps?


- Setup your game settings:

Start with MCV only

No Credits

TechLevel to lowest


- Do this ingame:

Build up your MCV to a CY

Sell your CY

Search with your troopers for crates

Collect Crates (Money/Units/maybe a MCV? Wink )


Eliminate your enemies or create alliances


Have Fun!!

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Hmm... someone should make a redeployable MCV map :P


just add MCVUndeploy=1 to the Basic section in your ini file :D


hehe, but does it make sence? :P

if you "sell" your CY, no troopers will appear that you can go to search for crates.

sure, you can hunt crates with your MCV also.



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well, great! those maps should be interesting, but are 2 or more people allowed to work on a map?

and also, can i have help with the teams? i wont use waypoints as i dont havea a need for them, i just want an ai that attacks everyone randomly! and starts with little cash so it has to harvest to build units, allowing the players to build up bases. also, are previews allowed?

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