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XCC mixer doesn't detect palet files (win 7)


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I'm trying to use the xcc mixer to edit some shps, but I can't seem to get the thing to work. Specifically, I'm trying to make a unit for Red Alert 1, but the xcc mixer shows all frames as black. Now I know that's a palet problem. I've downloaded the necessary palets and placed them on a folder, and directed the XCC mixer to find those files through the Directories window.


But It doesn't matter what I specify as the directory, the program doesn't seem to find them. I've used XCC mixer before on my older PC, which had windows XP, so I have some inkling of how it's all supposed to work. I should have options for various palets listed, but there is nothing I can find, even though I have the files. I've even browsed the files within XCC mixer, and I clearly see the palet files and their colors. Yet, howere all the frames are still black and the program seems blind to them.


Also, the directory paths are never saved when I close and restart XCC mixer.


Anyway, help would be appreciated.

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I had this problem the other day. Different sort of problem, same concept


Rhob wrote:

"XCC Will not allow me to set or chance a TS directory making it useless to read any cameos with a color pallet. So I'll need a download or something. Or maybe just the cameo pallet since XCC seems to be able to load individual pallets."


"To get around this you can either copy the Cache.mix file from DTA's "MIX" sub-directory to Tiberian Sun's directory or just specify specify DTA's directory for one of the other games (such as "TD secondary"). Mind that you need to specify DTA's "MIX" sub-directory rather than the main directory however."


Meaning, XCC should read any C&C game from the directories regardless of what game the dir says it is.


Or look at this link  http://www.ppmsite.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=33830

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