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Most Populated C&C Game Currently

Guest Stefor

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Guest Stefor



in response to this thread i wrote this:

This is based on current multiplayer population of all these games on cnconline and cncnet and xwis. me personally my fav games are tiberian sun and kane's wrath.




#1 Red Alert 1

#2 Red Alert 2

#3 Tiberian Sun

#4 Kane's Wrath

#5 Red Alert 3

#6 Zero Hour

#7 Tiberian Dawn


oh he made a thread here too my bad lol http://cnc-comm.com/community/index.php?topic=3684.0

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Guest Mechacaseal

What about Tiberium Wars and Generals? Do people still play them or these games are completely forgotten because of their expansion packs? I still prefer TD over C&C3 & RA3.


i was too lazy to include tibwars and generals without expansion. tibwars has a fan base quite a bit smaller than kanes wrath. generals without zero hour is near dead last i looked. i didnt include firestorm the expansion to tibsun either because the added units and changes actually made tibsun less fun online so hardly anyone uses the expansion except for novelty purposes.

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What changes does Firestorm make aside from adding Nod's Reaper, Fist of Nod, & Mobile Stealth Generator, and GDI's Juggernauts, Mobile EMP Cannon, Mobile War Factory, & Drop Pod Control?


Aside from base games and expansions, where do the combination and other mods come with numbers of games being played?

Because I've very impressed with all of:

Dawn of the Tiberium Age

Red Dawn (wonder why this isn't with the rest on CnCNet front page?)

CnC Reloaded

Twisted Insurrection

and Mental Omega.


Persionally I prefer #1 TD, #2 RA1, #3 TS.  So combination games are pretty awesome and the mods for RA2 managed to get me more interested in that game.

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Guest Mechacaseal

tibsun firestorm expansion ruins the game in a lot of ways. when yo usell structures you get a lot less infantry back making it very hard to prevent a surprise enemy infantry rush. orca bombers drop their bombs differently/better or something. disruptors move way too fast itsl ike they have speed boots on. nod artillery miss pretty much all moving targets making them useless. if aircraft attack a bridge they damage themselves etc. a lot of weird changes that ruin the game.

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Guest Mechacaseal

id be very excited if you can bring kanes wrath here...only reason i had to stop playing was cuz my computer decided to only connect to maybe 5 of the 400 players lol


Your router is blocking the ports the game uses to connect to people. Fix it.

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