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Chrono Vortex Edit?


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You cannot change the percentage, it was always flawed

How is it flawed?


It ignores the value, just set it to 100% and test

What would happen if I made it 200%? Two chrono vortexes would appear? Let's make it 1,000%? 10,000%?


OMG... 100 chrono vortexes all over the map!!! Run for your lives!


I guess it's time to quit the game and go back to watching The Philadelphia Experiment. ;)

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Does anyone know if a chrono vortex actually appears after using chronosphere at all? I remember it appearing often in the PS1 version but I never saw it in the PC version using the chronosphere.


The only way I could get a vortex appear in the PC version is putting it in crates via rules.ini.

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