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A Flashback Game - The Island Despeate Defense


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I am porting a few maps from Tiberian Sun over to Red Alert 2, and during so, I had a flashback of a lan game me and my father had when I was younger,  it was me vs him, he was GDI, and I was NOD, on Super Bridgehead Redux and I had the ground game pretty much well in hand and he couldnt get near my base, due to artillery and steath tech, and I was still massing a few more artillery cannons before I attempted to invade his base. because he had too many RPG defenses. Apparently, somehow, he massed a TON of Orca Bombers in the time it took me to mass my army of tanks and artillery, and just when I was about to invade, my base got bombed back to the stone age, but my construction yard survived so I ran my 5 surviving artillery cannons, 3 tick tanks, and burrowing transport with some random cyborgs to "The Fortress".....or what I now call it "Island of Cheese" I deployed my Construction yard on the island, long since mined out of all the blue tiberium, and built SAM's and rocket infantry on the island, deployed my artillery and just kinda attempted to send my harvester out when i could..... so I could attempt a come back, eventually the bridge gets destroyed by my killing of his Titians trying to stomp across, my harvester and refinery now useless, so I sold my refinery and built 4 more sams, around the island randomly. Apparently, the titians didnt get close enough across the island to see enough of the island to send swarms of bombers again, and every time he attempted to send Jump Jet infantry, the sam's and rocket infantry knocked them out before they got close, causing what ended as a draw, though technically he won. But I managed to place the game in a state he couldn't officially win.


Has anyone else had any games with some really interesting tactical retreats like that?


Picture is the island port in Red Alert 2 : Yuri's Revenge as I test the map


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I liked your story zeoinx. there is a map on ts called forest fires where i've had 4 hour long games vs people and the entire map is cut in half along the river with sams, firestorm, masses of titans and bombers. very fun ones. if i find the ss's i'll post them :)

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