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The ladder, a discussion.


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What  are your dreams/visions of the effect the ladder will have on the community and what sort of changes will it instil within the player base that will bring out a positive and good manifestations?


(This is concerning the coming ladder system).

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I think a ladder (should it appear) would have its positives and its negatives.


It will stop people constantly complaining about a lack of ladder (but fuck those guys) - if you really want a ladder, help implement it yourself rather than just shouting.

It will encourage more competitive playing and more players to join

and obviously it can be nice to show off :P




You get cheaters, and people arguing about cheating (look at the Tiberian Sun community on here, its people from xwis hating on people from xwis because they "cheat")

The way cncnet actually works should reduce that a lot though

and obviously theres the mess of maintaining it all and all that.


Honestly im on the fence in terms of a ladder. Do we want more assholes calling each other assholes?


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It will offer the opportunity for me to focus and play seriously.

Practice my chops. Play against players and and on maps that I usually don't.

I expect that it will get the competitive juices flowing in the community.

some will compete, some will remain casual players but generally resulting in increased interaction among the players

and see if mechaseals foretelling of the ladder causing the end of the world comes to pass...lol


Jacko articulated the negatives rather well, and i expect the ignore button will see a increase in usage..


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