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Feature request: make it possible to view other games from the 'Game Channel'


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Hi peeps,


Since this is a feature request topic, the above-mentioned is a good one.


Additionally I have seen the screen shots of the YR cncnet client; in functionality is superior to the TS one.


Like the user list on the right in YR client, textually displays the filter-user list rather than just game emblems.

Also custom game options have been taken to another level,  would like to know/see if a no engineer attack option can be added to TS.


Lastly it would be nice if all clients had same GUI and the basic options/config (in other words all games supported on Cncnet be runnin same client)

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(All the above) and :


Please can we have team/allies chat option; like F1-F7 is indiviual/private chat to each player ig, and F8 is to all ig. So an option(key) that allows to send message to allies ig would be AWESOME and is kinda long due

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