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Red Alert Colours


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Can you change the Players Colours like the ugly green and brown to a more nice colour??

How can you do that?


And how do i create Icons so that they dont get smudged by scrolling through the menu and so that the pixels in the Icon dont start to blink??



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Always when i remake Icons from RA1 then they have a smudged name or some pixels are wrong but when i view them in its XCC Mixer it is all fine.


How do you remake Icons so that they are shown correctly in the games menu side bar even when you scroll the menu side bar???


Do i need to load a Palette or something? If yes which Palette and Option to load the Palette?


1. Nearest Colour or 2. Error Diffusion or 3. Maintain Indexes  ???


I tried everything but it dont helped me to get a right Icon for the game...

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My Problem is i need to convert my remaked Icon back from PCX to SHP with XCC Mixer.

But i dont know how to configurate XCC Mixer right so that the Shadows of my Icon get tight and fixed.

Always when I scroll the menu bar in game the shadows are gone and sometime when i click on the Icon then there are back till i scroll again...


So which options should i enable in XCC Mixer for getting the right shadows?



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right... as I already explained on the chat... :P


1. edit the file palette.cps. You can do that by converting it to PCX with XCC, then editing it, and then converting it back. The actual colours the game uses are in a small 16x16 block in the upper left corner of the image.


2. Don't use the background colour black; it becomes transaprent ingame.

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