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Cant Login


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okay heres my situation i try to login as killa57 it hangs at the login screen for a minute then logs in but it says im already logged in use another account

unrecognized command "SETOPT"(before login)

unrecognized command "LIST"(before login)

but when i choose my other account name NBK57 it logs in with no problem

this happens with all games so im using NBK57 till issue is resovled.

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Indeed, I't seem's there was a ping bug with the server. Which has been resolved now :)


All admin's should know how to fix if this ever happen's again.


Tore, Setup an admin section for AWOS :) AWOS Team only,


I'll post up the command's incase of a user getting kept online on the server, Even though there offline.


That's if this bug ever accures again which i doubt it should!


Anyway's, Just had to simply recode the ping pong function with the break; to disconnect client's who Do not reply to ping pong event's.


Anyway's thank you for posting about this killa57, Has i know nobody else would of.

I'f you find any more error's or bug's please post them up on the forum.



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