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Allied Tesla Tanks

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i started playing the soviet counterstrike mission were you get the radar jammer, tesla tank

and when i started to play a skirmish i built a radar jammer. I thought nothing of the sound of tesla zaps untill the shroud was removed by my GPS reviling none of the soviet players had any thing tesla (no real tesla tanks, troopers or coils) and it was not untill the end i found out it was my radar jammer.


I never thougth this was true, is this just a bug or was it intended for this?



(was playing in DOS :D)


Also Are the ant missions unique  to the windows version of RA or is there some thing else you have to do to get it to work in the dos version like funpark?

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This happens because you played the "Legacy of Tesla" mission which modified the radar jammer stats, giving it a TeslaZap weapon. When you start a normal game (e.g. skirmish), all previously modified stats are overridden with the values in RULES.INI, yet there is no data whatsoever regarding the radar jammer weapon in RULES.INI (and normally the game chooses the default weapon for it, which is none), but since you played the mission where it had a weapon, the game "remembered" this parameter for future use (until you exit the game, that is).


To get rid of this, open RULES.INI, find the [MRJ] section and add this line:

[pre]Primary=none[/pre]This way, the radar jammer will revert to normal state after you play those Counterstrike missions where it is used as the Tesla tank.

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I have no idea really, but I guess that will only work if both you and your opponent(s) have "activated" the radar jammer's weapon.


BTW, I've seen in some FAQs that for the this to work, you've got to start the "Legacy of Tesla" mission and have your Tesla Tanks attack the Soviet Tech Center. That's not true. Starting and immediately quitting "Legacy of Tesla" or any Allied Counterstrike mission that features occasional Tesla Tanks (most of them do IIRC) suffices for the "activation" of the radadr jammer Tesla weapon in skirmish.

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