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Tiberian Dawn - Free Willy (Singleplayer)

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The mapname "Free Willy" because you have to free the Orcas.

Map difficulty: hard. (if you want to play easy maps, play the one from westwood)


To install the map, copy it into your C&C folder. You'll then find it in the new mission menu.


you start in the south,

and have to free the Orca Airbase from the Samsites,

then you can free the MCV with the Orcas.

hint: destroy the power plants from the Northern Base to deactivate the Obelisks.






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This mission is incredibly hard... you never know where you're supposed to go and once you get there, you usually don't have enough forces left to take over the place...


The fact that you don't see the difference between Nod and Multi6 power plants (when it comes to capturing them to deactivate the obelisks) doens't make it any better, either. I always tried capturing the 2 at the bottom, but that had no effect...

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Quote from the first post

"hint: destroy the power plants from the Northern Base to deactivate the Obelisks." ;)


All the southern buildings belong to Nod and they are all too well defended in the beginning so you shouldn't try to attack/destroy/capture them.


The path along which you have to go is imo also quite clear, since the obelisks don't allow many different ways, so you have to go to the centre, where you get some reinforcments (engineers) and then along the east border to get into the northern base behind the Obelisks at the main double-bridge entrance. (on your way you can also capture the Hand of Nod and powerplant in the forrest)


The only place where you might lose a unit is in the small civil town where you have to go south along a wooden fence and come for a short period in firing range of an obelisk. But for that you have some heavyly damaged minigunner which you can sacrifice, so that the 2 commandos and delphi can pass unharmed.

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yeah, I found out about most of it. But, emm, I don't go past that wooden fence. I go through the Nod base a bit, to the right side after getting out of the prison, and then I go north. That way, I don't get any obelisks firing at me.


The REAL problem is the tiberium area.

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LKO, I'm gonna comment this mission cause I've finished it.

I started playing CnC last June, so I'm a player and (still) not a map maker.


The first phase is a kind of an adventure where you have to take "your friends to safety". Took a time but it is nice.

I've crossed the southeastern NOD base too and then head to the centre.

Everything ok also with the release of orcas. Then I implemented a side objective before freeing the MCV.

But I'll say it another time. It accelerates the completion of it and avoid combat.


Have to say that I failed some times, most to figure out the path.


Reducing some Orcas (pads or units) or preventing some SAM sites out of the base from commando sabotage would force combat.

I found "Hard Invasion" and "Lost of Control" more challenging than this one, but I'll comment them later and in the proper post.


Thanks for all these missions and I really enjoyed the idea of the "paralel circuit" of the obelisks.That seems to be more naturally strategic.

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yeah this mission is pretty hard and has no coordination, i spent like 30 times through trial and error to figure out what im doing, stioll not done with the mission either.. Another huge glitch, i stopped playing because when 4 units die i get a mission failed, they can be any units. I just made 4 mini gunners and 2 died and i get a mission failed......

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