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GUIDE: How to setup Command & Conquer Renegade and MORE(To play online)(Windows users)

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So, even after:

  • running the game as administrator
  • installing OpenSSL manually
  • manually placing the two DLLs in Renegade's directory
  • updating Windows
  • rebooting
  • registry cleaning with CCleaner
  • repairing system files

...it still comes up?


Try one last thing for me, check if your antivirus/firewall is blocking either Renegade or RenList from accessing files that aren't theirs. Put both Renegade and RenList to their exception lists. If not, either RenList/scripts have a bug or there's something really weird going on in your system.

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checked the firewall. renegade and renlist r both allowed. all of that and still getting the same msg. ive ran renlist by itself, and even ran renegade, as admin, minimized the game and ran renlist, as admin

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Updated 8/7/17:

Added Renlaucher back with new link,

Added New Link Server List for Ren Launcher

Added Missing Textures for Rencorner Marathon Maps(It would show Westwood Symbols on Certain Maps)

added link for TTscripts 4.3

added Renegade X links and info

added Renegade: Tiberium Sun Reborn Link and Info

added Renegade: Red Alert A Path Beyond aka Ren Alert(Renegade Red Alert)


Go Back to Page 1, my First Post!!!



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On 9/3/2017 at 9:24 AM, X3M said:

Strange, how your guidance works perfectly. :)

Thumbs up!

well thank you. my brother followed it just fine too.  also thanks for the rep.



updated the w3d launcher ink. the old link didn't work.

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Updated 7-16-2018


Updated Scripts 4.6 from 4.4 Link

updated links and replaced them with google drive links for the data and the renlist links as well.

updated pictures link

and more




Any Questions, Comments or concerns, or want more pics to understand something, let me know. 




Edited by rabidsnypr

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