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Tips for Tiberian Sun(or all games in general) multiplayer

JoeG Awesome

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I am a newcomer to the multiplayer scene of the Command and Conquer series and have found myself to be in quite the predicament. I'm always loosing games, big time. While I do just need overall improvement, here are some things I'd like anyone who can to help me with or give me some tips.

1.) Resource management. I always build 2 refineries and 3 harvesters yet I'm always low on cash, which really keeps me from building up any forces

2.) Rushing, specifically with vehicles. Every time I try to rush with combined air and land forces I get a few enemy buildings and units before loosing dozens of units and then having little to no forces to try to defend myself with, usually because of the above.

3.) Defending. I always have a few turrets and anti-air down along with some heavy vehicles and light infantry but even the slightest charge can completely decimate my ranks.

That's pretty much what is holding me down right now. If you could give me any help with those three reason, I'd greatly appreciate. Thanks!


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Hmmm, lots of questions here...


1) When you talk about resources, are you saying you *build* 3 more harvesters, or you have 3 harvesters in total? (including the 2 from your refs). 2 refs with 3 extra harvesters (5 harvs total) sounds reasonable to me -- this of course depends on the map, and situation. The issue then might be quite simply 'what you're spending your money on'. If you're buying cyborgs, buggies and excessive amounts of defensive structures then yes, your resources will suffer greatly.


2) You're probably using the wrong vehicles! There are only really a small number of vehicles that are effective for rushes in TS: titans being the best. Are you playing nod or gdi? Your mistake here may be to treat TS like RA2 where the game is all about making tanks. In TS, it's all about precise application of force. Yes we have rushes (e.g. titans), but not in the same way as you get in RA2. Spamming tanks generally won't win you games of TS.


3) You're likely using the wrong sorts of defenses / not reacting in the appropriate way. Do you have any screenshots of a typical base that you make?


An online version of my ts guide btw can be found at www.cnctiberiansun.wordpress.com -- it's basically a blog version of my guide with some extra articles that I wrote a couple of years back that didn't make it into the guide at the time. 

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