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i found a Document on the data cd named Strategies. This is from back in the day when Westwood Servers were running.


Some of you might of seen these. i dont remember who made these. I just copied and pasted. Enjoy




---Gdi Strategies---

Disrupter/Mammoth Rush Well the ol' classic gdi attack. Theres about a million ways to do this attack. The basic idea to this is to carry-all a disrupter(s) or a mammoth tank to the enemies base and kill them. There's the sell almost all base rush which makes it really fast but your screwed if it gets stopped. There's also the keep tech 2 refinery rush which works well too. It helps your credits alot. If you use this you have to be able to use rupter better. By this time the enemy might have defence.


Bomber Rush Theres a couple ways to do this too. A 3-4 bomber rush takes out 1 building quick. A 6-8 bomber attack takes out 2 buildings with killing 1 in each run.


Ghost Stalker Attack This is a nice little attack. Just attack with a ghost stalker with 2 medics along. Medics repair each other and the stalker if attacked. I carry them to the battle field in a carryalled apc.


EMP Attack Carry-all a mcv near the opponets base. Have emp ready then deploy the mcv and emp fast. EMP them and have some other attack (possibly one of the ones listed above) ready.


Upgrade Center Attack Get drop pods and ion cannon. Attack about 4 squares worth of a building then ion it. It will kill the building for sure.

---Nod Strategies---

Cyborg Commando Rush This attack is an attack that you get the commando quick and take it to the enimes base in a apc. A good attack to take out one building on a stronger opponet and a whole base on a newbie opponet.


Banchee Attack Theres a couple ways to do this attack. You can do a quick 4-5 banchee rush to kill one building. Also you maybe get 10-12 banchees which gets 3 buildings.


Flame Tank Attack A good attack to kill alot of people in a entrance. Also to kill a building or two if they have limited defence. A quick attack of 3-5 works if they have no defence. If they have more defence get 10-15


Engineer Rush Just make 3-5 engineers and take them in a sub to a enemy base. Good attack to use early in the game to get a mcv or war. If they have reapers, oblisks, msa or bombers you have to be very good at this attack for it to work.


Rocket Rush Build 15 rocket infantry and 3 Sub APC's as fast as you can (nothing else). Then send it into the enemy base (at the begining of the game). They will have almost no base. Then if they move the MCV you can still kill it, than the War Factroy, and Barracks. If they have alot of reapers or Bombers this wont work well.

---Game Tips---

Rally Scouting(aka plane and sub scouting) Select the building that unit comes out of(heli-pad for planes and war fac for subs). Hold down alt and scroll over to where u want it to go. Click a couple times and there should be a green line now. Next plane or sub made goes there!


Force Fire If u like want to shoot through a building with a mamoth or disrupter beam just press ctrl+click on the spot u want it to shoot at. This work for killing bridges too.


Moving Fire This is how you move and fire a titan blast or disrupter shot at same time. When u want to move hold q and the game will still have u targeting target. Effective if people have a lot of unit defence.


Selling Units(gdi only) Have the selling icon clicked down. Then send a unit into repair bay. It will get sold. You get exactly half of whats its worth.


Hover Planes Over Building Select all units then keep clicking on the building. Hold down alt while clicking.


Operation Squash To kill people infantry accuratly click+alt on them while having a unit selected.


Making Teams Select units then press ctrl+0-9. This will make a team so u just have to press the number to select them. Press alt+0-9 on them to focus on them.


Marking Cloaked Buildings Just use waypoints to mark cloaked stuff before it's cloaked.


Harvy Bomb Fill a harvestor with blue tib and put it near a building(s) you want to kill. Once the harvestor is destroyed it destroys the surrounding building(s). Some building take more than one harvy to kill like the mcv for one.


Looping Waypoints When you want to have the waypoints looping in a closed shape, press shift and click on the first waypoint again.


---Base Tips---

Engineers Near Key Structures Its helpful to put engineers near you mcv's, war's ref's and other buildings you think might be attacked. They are really useful in the early going to stop 4 banchee attacks or other weak attacks. Later in the game you might want to keep 1 square damaged on your buildings so you can send the engineers in early before an attack.


Ground Defence It is a good idea to have at least 3 groups of 3 ticks or titans in your base to stop ground attacks.


Air Defence For nod get like 5 sams at first then get more as the game goes on. It is also a good idea to cloak if your scouted baddly. For gdi get a firestorm after your first attack. Spread of random 1 square firewalls around and get good at doing 1 square firewall placements in from of bans and bombers. If you get good it will be very hard for them to attack you with air units.


Many Mcv's, War's and Ref's Try to keep at least 4 critical structures(war factorys and mcv's) and 4 refinerys.




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Harvy Bomb Fill a "harvestor"


cant spell harv lol



Like I said, I didn't type this. An old friend of mine which i don't know if he or she exists still, sent me this back in the WW days. They were foreign. I wasn't correcting the spelling. I was up really late uploading stuff to this site. So yea, when i feel like wasting the time and energy to edit it. I will.

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I've being this alot lately, very effective:


GDI: when base is full with decent economy, Keep building Jumpjets. try to make like a hunderd, but a dozen or so will also be very nice to distract all Sams in enemy base! Go ahead an time ur bombers and dis/carryalls, as all sams only target 1 jumpjet at a time, your jumpjets can also kill stuff! keep m flying tho

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@ SPEED & EFFECTIVE BUILD: Focus on your speed of building: As soon as game starts, Press: E and D, very quick. Its the fastest way to deploy your MCV, while you do that, your mouse should already be clicking on powerplant. If you can, keep your menu right at the spot where ur gonna place it, deploy it fast and click barrack super quick. Do the same, and KEEP building infantry as you're making 3, 4 maybe more refinery's in a row, maybe sell your second refinery and send those 4 men too.  Keep clicking and you'll overwhelm your opponent with infs, especially in small maps. NOTE:make it a habit to focus on speed build. Component towers are build pretty quick, so place them quick. Some ppl are lazy to build components with upgrades but they're actually very effective as you learn to click as fast as you can. with enough money you're menu bar is always making 4 things, ALL THE TIME: infs,vehicles,planes,buildings!


GDI: As you're building disc throwers and light infantry's, select a disc thrower and press T (or assign 'select same type' with a different key), now order them to force fire on ground to throw discs further towards enemy infantry's. Every player should know this.


NOD: A harpy is a good technique to stop disc throwers. They're great to kill engineers as well.

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