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Old Command and Conquer Strategy Guides + Old magazines with Command and Conquer Articles


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(tags: command and conquer strategy guides pdf red alert 2 strategy guide pdf c&c prima scans command and conquer official prima guide scans c&c magazines command and conquer magazines)


(Just thought I'd share some nostalgia)...

Magazines (too lazy to put them in any sort of order)

PCPowerplay (Oct 1999) TiberianSun

PC Gamer UK (Dec 2001) Red Alert 2, page 80

PCPowerplay (July_2000) Red Alert 2, page 8, Tiberian Sun - Firestorm, page 86

PCPowerplay (March 2001) Red Alert 2, page 108

PCPowerplay (Apr 1998) Sole Survivor, page 74

PC Gamer UK (Jul 1996) Tiberian Dawn, page 65

PCPowerplay (May_2001) Renegade, page 34, TD, page 112

PCPowerplay (Aug_2001) Dune, page 112

PC Gamer UK (Apr 1998) Tiberian Sun

PCPowerplay (Apr 2000) Tiberian Sun - Firestorm, page 18

Computer Gaming World (Mar 1996) Red Alert, page 44

PCPowerplay (May 1998) Tiberian Sun

PCPowerplay (Oct 1998) Dune 2000, page 8

PCPowerplay (Sep 1998) Dune 2000, page 64

PC Gamer US (Jan 1996) Tiberian Dawn, page 135

PCPowerplay (January 1999) Dune 2000, page 114

PCPowerplay (May 1999) Tiberian Dawn, page 144

PC Gamer UK (June 1995) Tiberian Dawn, page 9

PCPowerplay (Dec 1999) Tiberian Sun, page 95


Strategy Books

Prima's C&C Red Alert Advanced Strategies (1997)

Tiberian Sun (Prima's Strategy Guide)(1999)

Tiberian Sun Advanced Strategies (Prima's Official Strategy Guide)(1999)

Tiberian Sun - Unofficial Gamespot Game Guide

Red Alert 2 - Prima Official Strategy Guide

Red Alert 2 - Unofficial Gamespot Game Guide

Yuri's Revenge - Prima Official Strategy Guide


To the copyright owners (not that they would care about some ancient magazines/books)...


The purpose of this page is to share and preserve old magazines and books, that are C&C related, which would otherwise never again see the light of day. If you own the copyright(s) to any of the above and would like it removed, just post a reply in this topic and the item(s) will be removed asap.

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posted image

Found it!!!  posted image

-+ Official Guide to Command & Conquer +-

(my desk needs a bit of a clean)...

posted imageposted imageposted imageposted imageposted imageposted image


I was thinking of scanning the entire book myself, but I think 450 pages (including front and back covers) is a bit much, so I decided to search for a digital version of it online... but with no luck :(. I'll keep searching, but it's not looking good. I'll probably get it professionally scanned one day so that my digital collections are complete.

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Please note the difference in stars given and the dates of the reviews. :D

Any way, it is so rare. That there is only one site, selling these.

A new one costs $81, there are 3 currently. An used one only $2, there are currently 19?? wtf.
Makes you wonder how much quality those have.

There are some shipping costs as well, but who cares.

I think, amazon might be pissed if a digital version can be found. But I will salute you if you do scan them pages in. :)

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1 hour ago, X3M said:

I had a look there (as well as several other book sites) earlier today for an ebook version, but sadly there was none available.


1 hour ago, X3M said:

I think, amazon might be pissed if a digital version can be found. But I will salute you if you do scan them pages in. :)

I don't think they'd care about a book that hardly anyone buys, which is why they didn't bother converting/scanning this one like they've done with their more popular books. Which sux because now I have to do it :D. But like I mentioned in my first post; if any of the copyright holders do get pissed (which I highhhhly doubt), I'll remove it immediately, that is if I even get around to scanning it!

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