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Another Brick in the Wall (2Pl)


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hmmm... Dare I say it's refreshing to see a map not completely covered with tiberium?  Might be just a little too sparse, though I'll have to play it to find out.  I'd just be concerned that the middle patch of tib near the top (between the 2 concrete barriers) might cause some pathing problems, though.


BTW, lol when you see the amount of .ini's and .bin's downloaded aren't the same.. heh heh

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I removed the northern tiberian field and added two small patches near the player's starting location.

There weren't any triggers in the first version. That's a good idea to add one: If you attack the Oil Derricks, something will happen.  8)


There is no south advantage in this map, but I think West has a slightly better chance to control the southern tiberium field, so I increased the size of eastern fields. So East may have (cosmetically) better chance in early game and West in late game.

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