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Red alert Triggers for adding bases into map that prduces


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That worked. No idea why it would been to be change like this but it now works.



Here is WarZone. It is set up as a debug map so it has a reveal map trigger. 4 spies that first player can controll. You will need to remove them and the reveal map trigger when your happy with things.


The Prod (Production) tigger will let the AI start building units after 8 min of gameplay. The Auto (Autocreate) Trigger will start forming teams to attack after 10 min of gameplay.


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Which IQ your USSR house has?

Set it to 4 best, if it has IQ=0 or no IQ= entry, no production will occur at all.


Otherwise set the IQ to 5 and your russians will randomly build something if they have money for it.


Last but not least add a Color=8 (or 9, 10) to the house entry so make sure your russians have a different color than every player's house.

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very useful served me a lot, even though on that map you can not play with others, you can only use the muti1, 2, 3, 4, in the single player, you can play it, but the AI that was created manually does not work, It is unusable. It is confusing to understand it in a certain way, but it does serve to guide you.


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