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When the ladders hit, will we be forced to register through CnCNet website?


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From my understanding, when the ladders and ranking system drop on cncnetYR people will need to register with their nicks with a personal password. Will the client remain simple and easy for newcomers by allowing them to create their game account through the client or will everyone need to flock back over to the cncnet.org website? It might not seem like that big of an issue but I forecast the latter scenario as  a deterrent to the newcomers. Remember Xwis' primary failure for YR was the unnecessary loops and complications newcomers would have to go through to register and play online, not counting random server, lag, connection issues.


On a final note, here is hoping to a continuing spike in activity. Origin is still giving out YR copies for free, and if you google "yuris revenge online" the first sites that pop up are cncnet.org, so yay.

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Lack of registration means that there's a very low barrier for entry though, which is part of the reason why CnCNet has got this popular to begin with. I'd rather make it so that if you use a registered nickname, you're forced to log in to the account, while with an unregistered nickname you're free to just connect to the lobby and play non-ladder games. That way you could prevent name thieving by simply registering your nickname, while no one would be forced to register.

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There will always be an option to play as a guest, to continue the legacy of "download and play".  If people want to play on the leaderboard they can sign up to do so. Ideally to sign up you can do so via the forum, and eventually within the client.

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