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Hello folks,


First, a big thank to all the guys who made this project happen.


I recently discovered it and now with my brother, cousins, friends, ... we can play together a game we dreamed to play together in the early days on the PS1.


Thank you thank you thank you.


It's also great that a french patch is porposed. However I can see that videos of Mission Briefing are still in English.


Is the file "movies10.mix" containing these ?


Because I've extracted movies1.mix and movies2.mix from MAIN.mix on the French CDs.


If you are interested to make the game totally in French I'd be glad to share.


I've also the PS1 FRENCH version of RA Retaliation and could try to extract the videos files (I see extractor exists...).


Again, I'd be glad to contribute. Just tell me if you need these files.

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I don't have a current copy of the singleplayer RA95.exe but my guess is that if you delete the "movies10.mix" that the RA95.exe will read the movies1.mix and movies2.mix just fine.


If not movies1.mix is for the Allied missions and movies2.mix for the Soviet missions.  You can remame movies1.mix or movies2.mix to movies10.mix so you can get the french brefings. You will have to do the renaming depending on what missions your playing at the time.


Over all I'm not sure why a movies10.mix was added...

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Not from the Aftermath CD. Counterstike and Aftermath just used name of movies1.mix with cutscenes from both the Allied and Soviet disks saved in the movies1.mix.


Counterstike (1.07/1.08) added the expand.mix to the RA95.exe and Aftermath (2.00) added EXPAND2.MIX, hires1.mix, lores1.mix. Not sure when the wolapi.mix was added. It could have been with Counterstike and updated again for Aftermath.

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