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Problem with MSI?



Think I posted this to the wrong part of the forum, reposting here.


Hey, new here. I've downloaded RA2 off Origin. I loved the game as a kid. I've already had several problems with it but I've managed to sort them out with all the usual fixes (compatability/reduced colour/ini edit/etc). The problem I've having at the moment is a box that comes up which says it can't find Red Alert Yuri's Revenge.msi. I attached a picture.


If anybody needs a link to the picture: https://imgur.com/xtk5XWF


The game still starts I just have to press cancel a few times and okay. The main issue however is the fact that I can't play the campaign. Sometimes when I complete a mission the bar will come up again forcing ra2 to crash or I have to tab out to get it to continue. Unfortunately, if I tab out, I just get a black screen with audio or sometimes a little black rectangle in the corner of the map. Is there any way to remedy this? I really just want to play this game. I'm on Windows 10 and I have do the extend screens trick by adding another display and I tried Windows Key + P but that didn't work either.


Can anybody help?


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Nevermind on the MSI issue, I worked it out :) You just have to run and download microsoft fix it. Go on choose the program manually, then click try uninstall. Worked for me




Only issue now is the alt tab black screen issue but I know a lot of people have that issue. Is there a fix for that yet?

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An MSI is an installer file I belive.


On Windows 7 and up you can NOT Alt+Tab out of the game. It will mess up and you will have to close the game. There is no known fix for this.


I should save up and offer a monetary reward for fixing this issue. Wonder if somebody would take it?

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