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Extracting FMVs from the C&C3 disc?


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Does someone know a program that can extract the videos from the C&C3 DVD? I know that I could just record them or download them from Youtube, but I'm curious how this is done.


I'm not expecting full instruction, but I'd appreciate if someone could give me a hint where and with what software to start. :)

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I'm a hacker (or at least that's what people like to call me), so I can give you a tip or two on this. What are FMVs? Bear in mind that I don't have a RA3 DVD.


[*]Turn on your brain.

[*]If they are in-game sequences, you can't extract them.

[*]Check both the installation directory and the DVD.

[*]Videos are likely to be large > 20 MB files.

[*]Extract any cabinet file (you'll need to figure out the file formats yourself).

[*]Check everything and everything you have extracted for large files.

[*]Videos are likely to be in some sort of bink, flash, avi or whatever format.

[*]Just try to open suspicious files with your favorite video player and let him figure out the format.

[*]If this doesn't work, you'll need to figure out the right format yourself.




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Ugh, shut up alex. If you don't know, don't bother replying.


TaxOwlbear: If I remember correctly, the game has separate files for video and audio, for easy multi-language support. The format is called VP6, and the videos are stored somewhere inside the game's .big archives. The audio files have the extension .snd, the video files .vp6

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Ugh, shut up alex. If you don't know, don't bother replying.

So, how is what you said so much different than what I said?


Yes, you mentioned specific RA3 file formats. If I'm not mistaken I did mention that I don't own a RA3 DVD and hence can't name any specific file formats but therefore I described a generic way on how to go about it that works for any game.


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Ramp a string is right about that.

You were the only one mentioning RA3 :dry:


It's entirely possible the RA3 formats are the same, but all my knowledge on the subject stems from helping on the Tiberian Dawn mod for C&C3, so the details I gave are most certainly correct in relation to C&C3.

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