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Using "old" (pre-Covert Ops) save games?


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So I bought a bunch of unofficial add-ons from back in the 90s for cheap. Most of them consist of some good and mostly bad multiplayer maps, but one of them (Command Companion) has new single player missions for C&C1. Being an unsanctioned add-on, the installation of these missions is clunky. You can either override campaign missions (don't want to do that) or use a save game to load the mission. However, since this add-on was apparently released before the CO expansion (or before a certain patch?), C&C doesn't allow me to load the saves because they are "old".




Is there a way to force C&C to load them? Or do I have to re-install it without the expansion?

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The expansion changes nothing, it didn't provide a new Windows exe.

They won't work for the same reasons why RApp won't support old savegames.

The savegames are selective memory dumps, they need either the same-ish code they were created with(meaning at least one unit addition to the game or a significant unit code change breaks them) or special code to handle loading of older saves which Westwood did write for some versions.

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