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Tankswar! [MAP]


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So I made this map just for fun! didn't take that much time... but i had it in my head and here it is :)


Map is simple from its name! Defeat your enemy. You only can make the standard tanks.

Also you could get another tanks or rank upgrade or healing from crates [Which add more fun].


Also for the factories, I increased their HP to 10000 in case of a sneak attack.

PS. 10000 Isn't much!






Tankswar!!! [Official].map

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Good idea, but to me it is utterly boring unless you add in another aspect: Infantry --> dogs for fodder.


Mashing tanks together isn't as fun as great micro management with tanks + fodder


:O? you played it? if yes , sorry XD thats the best thing that i can do :) :) :)

I dont know... but its not really that boring i played it ! it had some fun :3

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