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Im looking to try and make a survival map for Yuri's Revenge, I've got a well good ideal for one, but dont even know where to start and looking for some help.


I've been told the tool final alert is the tool to use, is this right?


I've been trying and falling to find any (good) tutorials for this, from start to finish, doesnt anyone have any links to some?

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What you gotta download is Final Alert 2. Once installed, make sure to right click and run as administrator for it to run properly on some of the newer operating systems. Google "final alert 2 survival maps tutorial" A few videos from youtube should be linked and also try ppmforums.com which should turn out with that google search as well.



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Hi hostage. u wont get much help from map makers. cuz they are all blind :(( jk. idk whats wrong with them. :D


open final alert 1.02


1- make your map geographically. [u can find youtube tutorials about this]

[u cant find more than 1 youtube tutorial after this part. well i couldnt find when i loooked] this one is useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smzZ7_3y_FA ]


2- make waypoints on the left panel. waypoints use for: player locations , ai spawn points, attack target, nuke points, etc. [(player 1 is "0", player 8 is "7" )]


3- menu- edit. -taskforces -create new - give a name - select units and amount u wish to create for attack wave. u must create for each wave..


4- menu- edit -script -create new - give a name - then add action button -select attack or move destination (hedef) or whatever ur units to do. u must create few for only different kind attacks.


5- menu -edit -team -create new - give a name - then select script and -select taskforce. u must choose "house" (AIs position) also. for example, IF ai is placed in 8th player/waypoint7, then make <Player @ H> ... and. u must create for each wave..


6- menu- edit -trigger -create new - give a name - then click event seciton - create new - event type: elapsed time - select your parameter 10 for 10seconds after beginning for example -then click action section -create new - reinforcement by chrono (107) - select your team type - then select your waypoint where to spawn. u must create for each wave..



u can learn with examining survival maps. look at their scripts,triggers,teams sections.


its long work. have fun.


[anyone can say if i wrote any wrong thing. thx]


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I played a game yesterday, the map is similar to the one that I was thinking about trying to make, but I will still try and make one over next couple of days, I've got no ideal what I'm letting myself in for.


You that guy that made the Skynet map?

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