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  1. Hey. I was busy. Im doin it now thanks. (Ts ddraw)
  2. oh there is more. Im tryin the reinstall the ALL but I CANT uninstall the CNC client because there is no UNINSTALL FILE ON cncclients folder... There is no CNC on removeprogram tool. cnc is still able to working when clicked. no uninstall file. wow. great...
  3. I re installed the game (because of MOmega..) and after fresh install , these happenin: my radar was working but went black after a game and keeps black on games. (YR) Im changing renderer and game freezes half sec every minute. and there is a troll in my host room I cant BLOCK him because I CANT SEE THE ANNOYING TROLL on players list on right side bar my question is: WT actual F?
  4. hmm maybe this kind of addition works: client scans for map content and finds and shows all additions.
  5. the answer is might in the three message above.
  6. OK I spotted the fake map. And it has HUGE modded differencies. (chrono spys, chrono engineers etc...) Staff pls do something about it.
  7. A) Ok its a real thing now. Could you guys make "verified" custom maps based on md5 hash? I can provide legit versions of my maps. (They are in GDrive already) B) Is there any way to quick spot what is modified on map? (with using fa2 or else) -----found a website for it.
  8. Crossroads, Lake of Fire and Apocalypse MAPS are now has fastbuild versions like rekool map. (and ALL maps also has SELL for money versions like redzones) Download: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-WN7YQ0EhV6MG5HaHAzQ0IxVEU SEE maps: https://forums.cncnet.org/topic/4051-alpacas-survival-and-vs-maps-collection/
  9. Hey. New map added: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-WN7YQ0EhV6MG5HaHAzQ0IxVEU -VS- CrossRoads -Alpaca v 1.3 -VS- CrossRoads -Alpaca v 1.3 sell for money
  10. New map added. Bridges too far my edit. hospitals removed. oils moved to inner. added spysat. added powerplants. v1.2 is similar to original v1.4 is little different https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-WN7YQ0EhV6MG5HaHAzQ0IxVEU
  11. @YosefAnan makes good stuff
  12. Hi there. Wanna some skynet? -survival- skynet enhanced v3.93 alpaca easy_7p.map -survival- skynet enhanced v3.93 alpaca hard_4p.map Whoa there is a lot of my skynets on that modddb link there. it can all be deleted and keep recent these two.
  13. INFO: Turned out that my some WW5 edits had some "slow build speed" I fixed now. Recommend to delete /dont play alll of my 8.5 and below version WW5 maps Keep / Play 8.6 and further versions for my WW5 edit. There is 2 versions of my ww5 v8.6 One is normal, one is "sell for money" title says it. This version is little faster than "original" maps, but not too fast, just some. (Buildspeed is .28. Only difference from regular maps) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-WN7YQ0EhV6MG5HaHAzQ0IxVEU
  14. FCK someone made sneaky edit of my ww5. ITs ALLIED ANTI AIR power upgraded... There was another "ww5 upgraded" like these before... Maybe cnc developers may give MD5 based verification for preventing these sneaky modded maps on next update? it would be great. hmm maybe it was a TRAINER not modded map...
  15. New Map added. Have FUN! -VS- Serpentine v1.5 Alpaca (normal) -VS- Serpentine v1.5 Alpaca Sell for money https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-WN7YQ0EhV6MG5HaHAzQ0IxVEU https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-WN7YQ0EhV6MG5HaHAzQ0IxVEU
  16. This also happens. recent version.
  17. -VS- WW5 -Alpaca.edit.v8.1 -World War 5 --8 players ww5 new version: all gems removed, added exact same amount of gems to each island. nuke plant removed, added another power plants. added 36 ore pole t oeach island https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-WN7YQ0EhV6MG5HaHAzQ0IxVEU
  18. Thaks a lot! I will look it if it fixed. I was trying this map for 2 years UPDATE: I looked and its still walking ai BTw this video shows how AI attacks on ver 3.93 YOu can see AI walks for (probably) spysat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wv0smBxy5WQ
  19. Thanks for reply! Spawnpoins are nearby because of my problem! Because AI just "walks" for it... Spysat doesnt has the most kills or conyard. Sometimes AI go for Slave miner. Just sometimes AI goes for most ranked. When they ALL go for one specific (building, miner, tanks etc) unit, AI just walks, does not attack to anything else while moving specific target. You can use Yuri Psychic Radar for that and see where ALL goin. Thats the real problem. With patrol script, Still, Ai gets hit from players units but JUST walks for its selected one target. :(( BTW there is 4 seperate wave spawns but it just doesnt work right, still. Hmm for example Are spawning 5 units instead of 50 helps to attack better? (with same sciript)
  20. Thanks for testing it! Problem is ai units mostly still attacks to specific one target. sometimes attacks nearby as I wanted but sometimes and there is no pattern I caught.. And when AI decide to ALL IN to specific target, it is mostly SPYSAT or main conyard. sometimes most ranked unit or airport lol.. Idk why :/
  21. 1) Thanks! I tried the map. Its not fixed Here is updated version with patrol thing: -survival- skynet enhanced v3.93 alpaca hard_4p.map 2) Oh u changed map author info, cool. can u tell me where? 3) yosef if map has bad TRIGGER it causes error. (for example, bad waypoints, wrong defined things etc) IF it happens at very start u look for primary belongings, if it errors durings waves then trigger error.
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