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CnCNet redesign Proposal

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This post was mainly for irony, but since you asked nyer:


- Before, it broadcasted to all clients to find games. This was feesable with the original expected player number (6-10) at most, but since it easily listed 30 or so clients we found out that routers in their great wisdom, dont like having more then a certain number of inbound expecting IP:port mappings, so when user numbers went up, it caused mayhem on the system, thus nullifying the technique. This is proposing that it broadcasts inside each users's machine, and not to other clients when searching for games.


- Joining a game would (possibly) consist of a user manually connecting to a server in order to see games, instead of the open list of games we had previously. This would allow greater control for hosts.



1. It would reduce the overhead of the server hosting.

2. It would reduce errors/etc with router port mapping limits.

3. It would allow limiting players that can join games.

4. It would reduce overhead for the client.



1. Require a bit of creative server reworking

2. Requires an extra port to be mapped (for the tcp)


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That's a pretty nice idea.


I was thinking of implementing a mysql based backend and then push all of the game hosting out of the C&C UI into a windows dialog then initiating a P2P style thing.


This would be a good interim though.


Once my uni assignments are finished (not long now), I'll spend a few days working this in.

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Unfortunately I've got three ongoing assignments and 2 pay-jobs


I've also got another site I'm working on for free along with CnCNet.


It's difficult times.


I'm hoping to get some good coding done over xmas.


I'm really sorry about the delays. :(

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