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I don't even...


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Not even sure how this is still alive: http://cncmill.westwoodi.net/

I tried to find it on archive.org, it came out as a proper URL, which it had not since several years.

Nyer may have some fond memories of it. Too bad the forum content hasn't survived, that was great stuff (I logged in as admin, no luck).

That was my site, when I was young and restless... or maybe just bored. Just a piece of history to share.

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I can actually still log in on it... but the posts are missing, somehow. The number of posts on the forum is said to be "128", but once inside it shows nothing.



I tried manually putting thread IDs copied from archive.org in the url, but it said they didn't exist :(


The other board, "Site Discussion", has the same oddity, but with only two pages, and shows about five spambot threads.


I have the feeling there's some kind of age cutoff at work, but one that can't be configured or changed.

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Rather looks more like time took it's toll and these spambot posts are on just because they're recent. The rest looks like it was swiped clean off the server. The westwoodi domain was dead for years, I don't even know why/how it is up again. Some member accounts appear active and list details, number of posts, etc. (as is my admin account), but the posts just aren't there. This was so long ago I forget how that BB worked, but they're possibly in .txt's somewhere out there. Maybe if I have the time I can try and access any existing archive through an ftp client or something. I forget how that worked also, I just remember that setting the right chmods for that damn forum made me utter more curses than I've utterd throughout the rest of my life. Turned out a peach in the end though.

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