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FINAL SUN - Create missions & compstomps! GIF Tutorials [TS]

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Working with triggers is very easy, and I hope by watching a video or a GIF, you could be inspired to make a map with triggers once you can see how simple it is. (make sure your browser allows GIF).


In final sun, first you have to disable 'Beginner mode' under 'options'


How to make your map to reveal entire map:


**EDIT: Under trigger options Set trigger's house to Neutral (in the gif its GDI, but that won't work anymore)


Try this on your own map and discover the awesome possibilities. As you can see, there is a big list in the tabs Events and Action! You can pick whatever you want, and they work!


Now here I show you how to create Infantrys that appears to come out of the Hand of Nod, and move in and attack everything close by.





Obviously, this is gonna be a compstomp and so 'Neutral' is the enemy. To make sure that Neutral is gonna be a valid opponent, you have to edit the map file, and add this code:


Your map file is located in your install directory \TiberianSun_Online\Maps

You can edit the file easily with wordpad or any other editor.


If you have difficulty doing this, you can add the codes in the INI Editor in Final sun, see GIF:





The INI editor is a great way to quickly make any changes to units. You just have to know the codes, you can look them up easily in the rules.ini file, Just use ctrl+f to find a code you like to edit.

What I use to easily look up codes is the software TibEd. http://www.tibed.net/downloads

are you handy with Final Sun too? please get a screenshot software (like Greenshot), and use makeagif.com to create a gif!

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Hey,  can you help me how to set trigger? I have multiplayer map in skirmish and i built base (for AI that will attack you when you come in range) and i want to set trigger that when any player  destroy base defences that base will belong to him (he will get buildings in that base). Please tell me how to do it!

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