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Goodbye good people of YR. I'm moving on to bigger things.


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Time for me to once and for all put this game in the past and not look back. I've had great memories here and i'll forever miss this game. You see, YR is just simply getting in the way of my social life, work, and study. You will all be missed. Farewell!

Come back soon, summer  :D

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If you cant prioritize your tasks and just play this game when you find time for it but instead reject your friends&family school&work because you are bussy playing this game i guess you must have developed a real addiction for this game.


Statistics show that 96% of the ppl who pronounce to the world they are going to retire from a game in similar fashion because they cannot restrain themselves crawl back within 4 months.


So goodluck with not comming back and your personal life i guess lol.

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