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Hi I'd like to play this at work with my buddies. Can you get the Red Alert download to run without Symantec to pop up it says that the file has WS.Reputation.1


I'd feel alot better if there were no security concerns.


2- Do you have aftermath that's an important option to play?





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Hello and welcome,


Norton is notorious for its false positive reports.


Currently there are no known problems. Norton is the only program that deletes files even if no virus was found, it is because of their reputation system that it doesn't like new files.


You can do a scan for yourself on http://virustotal.com


Hope this helps


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Thanks guys. I love Red Alert. I used to play with my friends in High School with dial up modems. We all burnt the disk. I think it was the first multiplayer game I've ever played. When Westwood got bought it was a difficult time for me cause the servers died. Then came game spy which was hacked. Then the first decade came out I bought that but had no way of playing my friends. I gave up.


It's amazing to see a proper community support a classic top perfect game. The nostalgia is intense, and the coming of age while playing it and messing with your friends was the very best.


Thanks for making this, it allows me to reconnect to my youth and feel what I used to feel when I was 14 I'm thirty three now.



P.S. is Aftermath available and also is there a way to register it with Norton so this doesn't happen?

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Actually, I'm pretty sure the XWIS servers still technically support the game... and they certainly still did when TFD was released. And since those replaced the original servers, all you had to do to get those was log in normally through either the Westwood Chat application, or, with RA 3.03, through the ingame online play interface.

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You can contact Norton and they will fix it up, I did that before. But if we release a new version then you'll have to contact them again and wait until they fixed it up again. If you have no problems with the waiting times then stick to Norton, otherwise I suggest to uninstall Norton and switch to a better working anti virus software.

I don't really know what the guys over at Norton are thinking, we can't just turn off CnCNet for a week and wait for them to update their stuff, players would not like to see the server offline for such a long time just because of Norton. Imagine other Anti-Virus companies would start doing the same and we would have to wait for all of them to fix it up... impossible to run a server like this!


But we are not the only victims of Norton, they are doing this for years, here are a few links about it:




Aftermath is included with all installations, for CnCNet Multiplayer games (Online/LAN/Skirmish) you'll have to enable the Aftermath expansion inside of the game room, there is a checkbox for it right below Crates/Bases settings

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