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Please unban


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  • 1 month later...

Didn't know I could get banned for sending a few messages in the lobby really fast :(


Won't happen again


did you know that you could get banned for impersonating a clan (ORA-MARCUS)...of course you did...you did it anyways...and made me get a ban with you...uck

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You got kicked off the lobby because absolutely everything was sick of your whining, Break, to the point nobody still cared about his silly "clan impersonation".


Next time, try logging into cncnet to actually play games, and not with the express intent to insult everyone involved in the CnCNet project.

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You can get banned for entering texts too fast. It's to avoid people from wasting space with their useless and pointless spams. It happens a lot before the Spamserv thingy got implemented and is still happening now except they got booted after 4 lines of spam.

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