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GDI - On Wings of Mercy (Single Player)


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Hi guys, been a while so I thought I'd make you lovely lot another mission to hopefully have fun with! This one is a base mission with a few twists. You don't have a construction yard, and you also have to defend three poorly defended outlying bases as well as launching your attacks on the Nod base and defending your own. The Nod force will attack you from many different directions and will use surprise attacks as well, so be on your guard!


On Wings of Mercy


This area has seen a recent surge in Tiberium growth, rendering it uninhabitable. We set up several field

hospitals in the area and evacuated the civilian population into them to evaluate their levels of exposure

and further our research into a cure. Unfortunately Nod has established a presence in this region and has

begun to attack the outlying hospitals! You must stop them, Commander. Secure your base, and make sure none

of the three hospitals are destroyed. Then take the fight to Nod and push them out. Dividing your forces will

be a challenge, but GDI High Command has every confidence in you.




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Downloaded and gave it a go. Thanks for posting this, I really enjoyed this one!


Map Design = 5/5

The map itself is beautiful and in my opinion, intelligently designed. Each section of the map felt unique. You can tell a lot of work went into the details, the ruined villages really sold the tone of the mission. There's Certainly enough Tiberium, as I was never strapped for cash and it wasn't long before EVA started nagging about the silo situation.


Functionality = 5/5

Took a look at the .INI file after beating the mission, everything checks out. No bugs from what I could tell. The only thing I did notice was the stealth tank behavior. You had a couple of tanks roaming the countryside but they never seemed to attack. They'd brush up against the guard towers, take fire, and die. They never retaliated and I can only recount 1 time they actually used their weapons.


Originality = 5/5

A good concept with an even better execution. It bares a similarity to GDI campaign mission 8, but the layout, attack waves and multiple objectives made it fresh. Solid work here.


Fun = 5/5

I liked the focus being stretched across multiple fronts; missions like this test the player's micromanagement skills and keep them on edge. On some occasions I had more than one situation to react to. Be it an attack on hard point, a hidden SAM site, or a sneak attack behind the lines. I would have liked to see this happen more often, but I never stopped enjoying myself.


Challenge = 3/5

As I said before, I felt there was a generous amount of Tiberium and we were given a sizable starting force so I never really felt pressured by the AI. I moved my forces out of the gate pretty quickly and once I had set up my blockade, Nod didn't seem to be much of a threat. The attacks, although diverse, didn't come often enough to really pressure me and it felt like one of the hospitals received little to no attention from Nod. On the other hand, the advanced base defenses were intelligently located in highly defensible positions, making their destruction an exercise in micro.


Overall: 92/100 (A)

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I spent the best part of 45 minutes sieging the damn Nod base until I could actually break down those obelisks.

And then I realised I could build more orcas.


Nice looking map, AI seemed to accumulate an absurd amount of infantry.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys! Although it's strange the stealth tanks behaved like that, Darkstar. I've checked the .ini and played it again, but whenever I play this map the stealths never go near the guard towers. They move between outlying tiberium patches and guard each one for 5 game units before moving on. When I play I can rely on an unwatched harvester being jumped by those invisible bastards. :P There is another stealth tank which does move between waypoints without stopping, but that one doesn't roam the middle, it curves around the side to attack your base from the top of the cliffs.


Anyway, made some changes!


- Nod attacks are more frequent and stronger

- The northeast hospital gets attacked slightly more often

- Tiberium fields slightly reduced in size

- Starting forces reduced in size

- Nod base redesigned, since the more frequent attacks needed more room to marshal because I noticed them getting stuck more

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V.2 is up already? You move quick!

In regard to my previous statement, the stealth tanks might have been chasing vehicles. I kept a steady train of Humvee's running back to the repair bay for service, there's a chance they engaged one another at some point. I'll play it again to see If I can get them to misbehave again.

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