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Evil crates


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Anyone got the script for those crates?

I want to make some games with those 'evil crates' :laugh:, in general they the crates used in RA1 which add bad surprises like:

- minimize the view (opposite to reveal all the map crate).

- a bomb the explodes when an unit touch the crate.

There are also some extra good surprises like:

- Invisibility

- a nuke!

This will makes FFA games a lot more funnier, is someone got the script plz PM me a link or post it here  :D

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You can add them in rulesmd and they are located at the following place (use ctrl + F)


; ******* Crate rules *******

; General crate rules and controls are specified here.


CrateMaximum=255        ; crates can never exceed this quantity

CrateMinimum=1          ; crates are normally one per human player but never below this number

CrateRadius=3.0        ; radius (cells) for area effect crate powerup bonuses

CrateRegen=3            ; average minutes between random powerup crate regeneration

SilverCrate=HealBase    ; solo play silver crate bonus

SoloCrateMoney=5000    ; money to give for money crate in solo play missions

UnitCrateType=none      ; specifies specific unit type for unit type crate ['none' means pick randomly]

WoodCrate=Money        ; solo play wood crate bonus

WaterCrate=Money ; solo play water crate bonus

HealCrateSound=HealCrate ; heal crate sound effect

WoodCrateImg=CRATE      ; wood crate overlay image to use

CrateImg=CRATE          ; normal crate overlay image to use

WaterCrateImg=WCRATE ; Water crate image

FreeMCV=yes            ; Give free MCV from crate if no buildings but still has money [multiplay only]?


^ Multiplayer options


; ******* Random Crate Powerups *******

; This specifies the chance for the specified crate powerup to appear

; in a 'random' crate. The chance is expressed in the form of 'shares'

; out of the total shares specified.


; The second parameter is the animation to use when this crate is picked up.


; The third parameter specifies whether this crate is available over water.


; The fourth parameter, if present, specifies

; the data value needed for that crate powerup. They mean different things

; for the different powerups.


Armor=10,ARMOR,yes,1.5              ; armor of nearby objects increased (armor multiplier);gs Think of max strength being multiplied by this (in reality, damage is divided by this since you can't change the max in Type)

Firepower=10,FIREPOWR,yes,2.0      ; firepower of nearby objects increased (firepower multiplier)

HealBase=10,HEALALL,yes              ; all buildings to full strength

Money=20,MONEY,yes,2000            ; a chunk o' cash (maximum cash)

Reveal=10,REVEAL,yes                ; reveal entire radar map

Speed=10,SPEED,yes,1.2              ; speed of nearby objects increased (speed multiplier)

Veteran=20,VETERAN,yes,1            ; veteran upgrade (levels to upgrade)

Unit=20,<none>,no                  ; vehicle


Invulnerability=0,ARMOR,yes,1.0    ; invulnerability (duration in minutes)

IonStorm=0,<none>,yes              ; initiate ion storm

Gas=0,<none>,yes,100                ; tiberium gas (damage for each gas cloud)

Tiberium=0,<none>,no              ; tiberium patch

Pod=0,<none>,no                    ; drop pod special

Cloak=0,CLOAK,yes                  ; enable cloaking on nearby objects

Darkness=0,SHROUDX,yes              ; cloak entire radar map

Explosion=0,<none>,yes,500          ; high explosive baddie (damage per explosion)

ICBM=0,CHEMISLE,yes                ; nuke missile one time shot

Napalm=0,<none>,no,600            ; fire explosion baddie (damage)

Squad=0,<none>,no                ; squad of random infantry


The stuff.


Now some of these DON'T WORK ANYMORE because code is gone. The ones afaik I remember still working is


-Darkness (Speaks for itself, removes everything you revealed on map)

-Explotion (Pretty much blows up any tank that touched that crate lol)

-Cloak (makes units invisible)

-Tiberiun (Puts ore around crate)

-ICBM (Gives you free nuke)


Just make the value 0 to anything (its in %) and they will appear in crates


To add it in a mod map you need add it in the map using Final Alert.


I agree though some maps with evil crates would be nice. It feels more like a gamble to get a crate rather than getting each and every of them.

@Grant evil crate option in cncnet when? just kidding, maybe

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Go to Yuri MCV in rulesmd and change CrateGoodie=yes to no


Exactly. This is the solution!


If you want a unit to be obtainable through crates do the opposite, namely: CrateGoodie=yes.


You could possibly also embed this into map files.  :)




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