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Can someone help me report this cheater on XWIS?


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e2tl06lvp - UI Cheat, takes control over my game and surrenders


As you can see by the screenshots and the stats. He only had 3 buildings and 1 infantry left. I killed all of his tanks/miners and 14 (!) buildings.


Then the game lagged in which I guess he started his cheats and then he quits the game and gets the win/points.


Stats link: http://xwis.net/ra2/games/12874/


GID	Player A	Player B	Duration	Scenario	Date	FPS	C	S	T
12874	France	e2tl06lvp	W	+44	Iraq	avril	L	-44	04:10	Bull Run	15:13 30-07-2016	55			P
	avril	killed	bought	left	captured
units	15	19	0
buildings	14	12	0	3
infantry	15	35	0
planes	0	1	0
	e2tl06lvp	killed	bought	left	captured
units	5	17	0
buildings	0	16	3	2
infantry	24	18	1
planes	0	0	0


Oh, also as you can see in the link, there's only MY screenshots. None of his. So he suppressed sending of his screenshots as well.


Is this getting standard on XWIS?


I also got XGS-Replay.



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u deserve to get cheated like that every game.


rekd fag, hhhhhhhhhh


Huh? I deserve to get cheated like that every game?


Seems like your parents didn't raise you very well. I feel sorry for you.


I really feel sorry for you Tomlin. You're the worst cheater of them all. Arranged wins on a dead game because you can't win any decent player. Lol dude, you're the lowest of the low. Also hiding behind random forum accounts. What a loser scumbag you are.




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you're banned for a reason from xwis forums, also been banned from xwis for a reason, you're a mentally challenged deluded laming cheater who accuses everyone else for things you're an expert for.


told ya alrdy few times, get some therapies irl otherwise you always gonna stay the same useless, meaningless deluded troll stuck in your own internet cave, dumpster fag imbecile.


anyways bk to topic, SHREKT SHITKID.


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Seems like you're brain dead.


So that's why you avoid playing me on a dead game and take free wins from your friends so that you can get a good rank. Because you suck so bad you have to accuse me of cheating, hahaha.


And who lames who? Last time we played you ate my Engineers. I never lamed you. Not even once.



Anyways, GAMES NOW?  :)  Or are you still running?  :roll:

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Did they control your UI? What did they do?


Yes, he controlled my UI.


Basically he pressed ESC to get into the "abort mission" menu or whatever it's called and then pressed surrender. I tried to click cancel but before I even got to the button my base exploded.



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Yeah there are two hacks, tomson pushed that fix he did for the hack you gave me (for unit control) and this one UI control hack still needs to be patched, tomson is writing a fix for that as we speak.


Keep in mind that still needs to be tested.

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Seems like he's still doing it: http://xwis.net/ra2/games/769/


This is the same player, except in this game his nick is "lud0". In this game he's the allied player who just deployed MCV. Then he somehow switched his UI to the soviet player (as can be seen by him having option to build soviet structures + having the money of the soviet player as well as his shroud).


The soviet player used Build Anywhere cheat to build a barrack next to this guys MCV and I guess before he could surrender the game for him the guy actually captured his MCV with an Engineer, l0l.



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