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Ladder ETA for Ra1?


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Last time we had the ladder running we ended up with a lot of problems, players refused to play against each to other avoid losses. They dodge good players and hunt for noobs, go fake afk when a good player joined their room etc...


When the ladder goes back online then I would like to have these problems fixed first, forced quick match seems to be the only solution for that, but it's a lot of extra work sadly. So currently I'm not working on it, this also won't change anytime soon.


tahj is working on ladder related things currently though, like clan support and clan games (ranked 2vs2 etc..). But that will probably be available for tiberian sun and yuri's revenge only at first

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Isn't RA1 your most played though?


I would have thought a not-so-good ladder would be far better than no ladder at all. Competition motivates a lot of people to play, stream etc which is all good for the game.


Dodging matches existed 20 years in Westwood Online so it'd be no different to then. Also I don't really see the big issue with players not playing to avoid a loss? If this really is an issue then it seems like its a balance issue with points won per game, in other words small configuration changes that won't take a lot of time to fix.





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I completely agree, with the test ladder been available atleast. I feel like Ra2 YR has been put first because it has a great community of players who work with each other and lots of mods who work really hard to support the game! It's such a shame that red alert 1 doesn't have the same sort of community! Instead we just have toxic trolls arguing with each other and people out for themselves and not each other, it's really holding the game back! I hope cncnet will realise the error in not focusing on the red alert 1

ladder soon also! As their are far more people playing red alert 1 and i remember how many logged into red alert just for the ladder back when alpha ladder was available. Hopefully people will find more time this winter to offer their support to red alert 1 and the community can try to support the game more. We have and still have many trolls who as I said insult, bully and deter others from playing.... they wouldn't stand for this on red Alert 2 and ban would be instant, I praise the ra2 community as always for been so strong and progressing how it has, well done guys! I hope red alert 1 can learn and progress also! 

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I understand the problems with people avoiding matches etc, it was always a problem in the past.  Administration of it could also be time consuming.  But I know a lot of people would love to see it created! 


So share your ideas guys, keeping in mind minimal admin and a fair system. Here's some for starters:


-How about a league as used in football/soccer? Instead of it being once a year like football, perhaps monthly to keep it fresh with new signups?


-I saw cases ladder was attempted again, but only 6 or so people signed up. If it was advertised more in the lobby, perhaps more would join; I only stumbled upon it by chance. Who organised this?


-Regular tournaments, with rankings based on performance. Entry fees could be used to make a prize kitty, with the tournament organiser taking a cut for his time and effort.


-Was it in Cases ladder there were "bux" to spend on tournies?


-How about similar style games with ladders, how do they get around the problems?


-If it's a lot of extra work to implement the forced fixtures idea, could any of this be outsourced cheaply on a platform like upwork.com? What kind of work is involved?


I think any of the above (and especially if money/tokens are involved) would attract and retain new players. That's all that comes to mind right now, but between us all surely we can find a solution?









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