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ss for noob nodrescue


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You know i have had players tell me before that providing SS doesn't prove I'm not mapping.


The problem is I posted like 20 SS immediately, scrolling around and making sure text is over the edges of shroud and all over the map, showing active scouting being done, etc, and even offered to live video stream, then the idiot had the nerve to tell me "live video stream doesn't prove not mapping either"


sometimes, I think idiots just like to Troll (although they suck at it hard and just look like idiots to the public)

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You can hack around Auto-SS.


Please do it. And oh, you can hack around video as well.



Anyways, reshrouding technologies have evolved over the years. We have 2016 now, Jesus Christ. Screenshots don't prove jack shit since about like 2003 already... Not even "live screenshots". Look at your calendar.



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Just saying that it's almost 2017. Elaborate "hacking tools" and stuff for TS/RA2/YR has been around for way over a decade. Developed independently by different hackers over and over and still being developed as we speak. People have made and are making hacks specifically for CnCNet. I mean, come on...


There's things around that you wouldn't, in your wildest dreams ever dream of. The first time I heard about the "controlling opponents units cheat" on RA2 I did not believe it and almost fell off my chair when I saw it done. I was like WTF - how is this possible?!


Just saying that the so called "top players", usually those who are online pretty much 24/7 have had and have a plethora of different hacks that you and me never even heard of and possibly never will hear of.



Me saying that you can hack around video was as a response to Iran saying that you can "hack around Auto-SS". Because basically, you can hack around anything and everything. There's very few players that I know play fair and whom I personally still trust.



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When CNCNET first came out, some old players lost 99% of their skill (cause they couldn't cheat anymore), but they are more of the exception than the norm.


Same on RA2 when Auto-SS came out. Tomi is playing 400 - 500 games a month and can barely get top 10 and even has to arrange freewins/pushes to get a decent rank...


He was just a cheating scum all along when there was no Auto-SS. You won't believe how much he hates me for and bashes Auto-SS.


On CnCNet his account is "pablo24". Go figure.



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no one is going to go to the effort to hack live streams and auto screenshots just to prove to the other 10 players who are still playing the game that they're legit  XD


You're going out on a limb here.


Everyone who spends hours on end playing the game might go to the effort to hack live streams and auto screenshots just to prove to the other (10) players who are still playing the game that they're legit.



Personally, I just play about 1 hour per week anymore or don't play at all for 2 weeks and then play 2 hours.


So I average about 4 hours per month playing RA2: http://xwis.net/ra2/prev/pl/siralex/


Obviously for someone that only plays 4 hours a month there's no point to go hacking anything. But someone who perhaps plays 40+ hours (of which there is quite a few) might be inclined to put in the effort.


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