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What is your favorite track from Frank Klepacki/Jarrid Mendelson?


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Hard to say. I always loved the untitled ambient track that plays in the background of TS menu and installer. It would be easier to name tracks that I don't like I guess :laugh:


Hmm, regarding TS, my favourites are Heroism, Nod Crush, Lone Trooper, Mad Rap, Pharotek, said untitled track, timebomb and link up.

In TD, March to Doom, Mechanical Man, In the Line of Fire, Industrial, On the Prowl, Radio and Drill.

RA (SS?): Big Foot, Crush, Trenches, Face the Enemy, Reload Fire, Terminate, Twin Cannon, The Search.

RA2: HM2, Industrofunk, Motorized, Power

YR: Drok for sure!


Oh, and don't forget some neat tracks from UaW (I like Hierarchy's and Masari ones the best).

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Act on Instinct - C&C1

Warfare - C&C1

Harkonnen battle - Dune 2k

Under Construction - Dune 2k

Hell March - RA1

Trenches - RA1?

Link Up - TS

Nod Crush - TS

"TS Map theme" - TS

Divine Intervention - UaW


And many others I can't think of right now :P

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Hmm, regarding TS, my favourites are Heroism, Nod Crush, Lone Trooper, Mad Rap, Pharotek, said untitled track, timebomb and link up.

Heroism, Lone Trooper and Pharotek were written by Jarrid Mendelson (he also wrote Gloom, The Defence and Scouting, while Dusk Hour, Mutants and Flurry were co-written with Frank).


I generally like the soundtracks from all Westwood RTS games, it's hard to pick a few favourites. I'll try anyway ;)


C&C: Mechanical Man (a.k.a. Target), Industrial, Deception (a.k.a. We Will Stop Them), No Mercy, Enemies to Be Feared, Radio, Reaching Out, Airstrike

Covert Ops: Depth Charge, Voice Rhythm, Drill, Creeping Upon, C&C 80's Mix

RA: Radio 2, Crush, Fogger, Trenches, Workmen, Face the Enemy 1, Surf No Mercy, Run, Terminate, Big Foot, Reload Fire, Militant Force

Counterstrike: Voice Rhythm 2, Radio 2 Remix, Arazoid, Underlying Thoughts, Backstab

Aftermath: Bog, The Search, Traction, Groundwire, Gloom

Sole Survivor: HM Remix

Dune 2000: The Fremen, Rise of Harkonnen, Harkonnen Battle, Attack on Arrakis, Robotix, The Ambush, The Atreides Gain

TS: Nod Crush, Valves, Mad Rap, map selection screen theme

Firestorm: Slave to the System, Elusive, Link Up

RA2: HM2, Power, Eagle Hunter, 200 Meters, Grinder, In Deep, Motorized, C&C In The House

YR: Brain Freeze, Trance L Vania, Drok, Bully Kit

Emperor: Ride the Worm, Battle of the Atreides, Assembling the Troops

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Oh, I left out Renegade, although there are quite a few nice compositions there too:


Fight, Win, Prevail (Remix) - an excellent remix of a classic, sadly only a tiny bit of it got into the actual game (in the start of the intro, mixed with a clip from Renegade Jungle). You can listen to it at Frank's website.

Renegade Jungle - another nice one, I don't know if it's a remix or not

Command & Conquer - a great remix of C&C 80's Mix

Packing Iron - a remix of The Defense from TS with a more ambient feel

Stomp - Nod Crush remixed

Stop Them Again - an interesting take on We Will Stop Them (a.k.a. Deception)

Dogfight - a remix of Warfare with some parts of No Mercy thrown in


Remixes of Act on Instinct, In the Line of Fire and Mechanical Man are also good.


Well, I suppose you can add Jarrid Mendelson's tracks. :)


I changed the topic title so yea. :P

Ordos soundtrack rules :DNot an Option, A Plan of Attack, Ordos Control, Deception 8)

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I'm not that big fan of Renegade's tracks, but Command & Conquer (and Stomp of course!) is surely a good one.

Most Renegade tracks I mentioned have very limited presence in the actual game. The devs obviously opted for more ambient themes for the FPS setting (like Industrial Ambient: it's good for the atmosphere and works well on that ship mission, but on its own, it lacks the power of the original TD track).

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C&C TD - March to Doom (only N64 Remix) and Warfare.

C&C RA1 - Hell's March

C&C TS - It's all bad (it is not a music, it is true!)

C&C RA2 - Never Played

C&C TW - Act on Instinct remixed

C&C RA3 - Never Played

C&C4 - just w8ing to launch a version of XBOX 360 to bought it


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Hi guys, just registered here, seems like an aswsome community, and that can't be to bad  XD


In RA1 i liked nearly every soundtrack... Infact all of Frank Klepacki's tunes are very entrancing and are literally a huge part of all C&C games... Choosing a favourite would be very difficult, because as i said, they are all unique in their own way.


RA1 (nearly every track cuz i played this game the most)


- Journey

- The Search

- Hell March

- Trenches

- Fogger

- Bigfoot

- Roll Out

- Vector

- Face the Enemy

- Crush


And alot lot more...




- Rain in the Night (my favorite in td, aswome track)

- Radio

- Creeping Upon

- Iron Fist

- Act on Instinct


and same, alot lot more tracks... I gotta say though, RA1  tracks are a little bit more ambient, a little bit more calm.. TD tracks are more destructive mostly.. Which is cool too

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