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Let's Play Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Firestorm


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Welcome Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun - Firestrom! Firestorm is the expansion pack to Tiberian Sun and directly continues its story - which is a first. Previous C&C expansion packs where more lose, with no overarching story and single missions rather than a campaign.


Anyway, let's recover the Tacitus. Also, the Kodiak is huuuuuuge now.


GDI Mission 1: Recover the Tacitus

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Once more, we move against the mutant (who are green instead of grey this time around). As usual, the mutants use technologies from both sides in addition to their own units. This really makes me wish they had included the mutants as a distinct faction.


As for the mission itself, it's not all that difficult. There is a lot of Tiberium around, and Mobile Artillery all but guarantees our success.


Nod Mission 4: Mutant Extermination

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In which we blow up CABAL's core. Or not. We aren't really sure.


It's not a particularly difficult mission, given that you have access to some nice toys such as mobile artillery. CABAL's base also has several weak spots. The hardest part is probably trying to avoid blowing up the stupid relay station.


Nod Mission 7: Determined Retribution

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Here is the final Nod mission. To compensate for the loss of our cyborg troops, we get access to Nod Elite Soldiers... which are pretty underwhelming. They are essentially just fancy riflemen.


Overall, this mission isn't too difficult. The start is easier than the one in the final GDI mission, and after that, CABAL's doesn't sent anything that can't be stopped by Mobile Artillery, SAMs, or Obelisks. Except for his missiles, of course, but even those aren't too difficult to take out.


Nod Mission 9: Core of the Problem

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