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Recently. I've been noticed a lot of "trolls" have been coming and going.


Just read the following conversation I had with this guy. It's quite hilarious I think. xD

(19:16:55) (RA1Soldier): how 2 play RA1 o?nlin

(19:17:05) (RA1Soldier): I wnt 2 ply RA1

(19:17:05) godly-cheese: Download the 3.03 patch.

(19:17:07) godly-cheese: There ya go.

(19:17:08) godly-cheese: Fixed.

(19:17:14) (RA1Soldier): wchat no work!

(19:17:15) godly-cheese: Was that so hard?

(19:17:22) godly-cheese: WChat is unnecessary

(19:17:28) godly-cheese: Don't follow any guides concerning WChat

(19:17:33) godly-cheese: They're all outdated and old

(19:17:42) (RA1Soldier): wchat is onlin but no work

(19:17:51) godly-cheese: Exactly

(19:18:00) godly-cheese: Which is why I said "outdated and old".

(19:18:09) (RA1Soldier): i try 3.03 but RA just crash, is virus?!

(19:18:11) (chaze): dude i think it worked

(19:18:29) godly-cheese: No.

(19:18:38) godly-cheese: What is your operating system Soldier?

(19:18:49) (RA1Soldier): Windows

(19:18:58) godly-cheese: ...

(19:18:59) godly-cheese: No.

(19:19:06) godly-cheese: I meant like...

(19:19:08) godly-cheese: Windows XP

(19:19:10) godly-cheese: Or Windows 7

(19:19:11) godly-cheese: Etc

(19:19:26) (RA1Soldier): 2000

(19:19:33) godly-cheese: 2000?

(19:19:37) godly-cheese: Jesus.

(19:19:38) godly-cheese: That's old.

(19:19:39) godly-cheese: Lol.

(19:20:13) (RA1Soldier): on winxp RA no work so i use win2000 guide 2 ply RA1

(19:20:34) godly-cheese: It works just fine on all operating systems.

(19:20:35) (chaze): hold on brb

(19:20:50) godly-cheese: Where the hell are you reading this from?

(19:20:58) (RA1Soldier): XP sats I need win95!!

(19:21:08) godly-cheese: Set compatibility mode.

(19:21:10) godly-cheese: -_-

(19:21:15) (RA1Soldier): vista is shit nothing work!

(19:21:22) godly-cheese: Lol

(19:21:27) godly-cheese: Everything works fine on Vista

(19:21:35) (RA1Soldier): and 7 is shit too cuz its vista with skin!

(19:21:48) godly-cheese: You have no idea what you're talking about.

(19:22:03) godly-cheese: I am Windows 7 right now.

(19:22:07) godly-cheese: Everything works fine.

(19:22:11) godly-cheese: Even RA

(19:22:19) godly-cheese: Even C&C95

(19:22:20) (RA1Soldier): i heard it from friend which is computer pro!

(19:22:42) godly-cheese: Obviously he is ignorant.

(19:22:51) (RA1Soldier): RA no work in 7 cuz it need win95 components

(19:22:53) godly-cheese: You can't judge stuff you haven't even tried.

(19:22:54) godly-cheese: I mean wtf.

(19:22:59) godly-cheese: No it doesn't.

(19:23:01) godly-cheese: Listen.

(19:23:08) godly-cheese: Use it in COMPATIBILITY MODE.

(19:23:13) godly-cheese: Right click the shortcut

(19:23:15) godly-cheese: Properties.

(19:23:17) (RA1Soldier): no lie make de dl virus!

(19:23:20) godly-cheese: Compatibility

(19:23:25) godly-cheese: Then go to Windows 95

(19:23:26) godly-cheese: Done.

(19:23:47) (RA1Soldier): i just try on XP comp

(19:23:56) (RA1Soldier): omg

(19:24:03) godly-cheese: Works with everybody else.

(19:24:04) (RA1Soldier): it wurkz!

(19:24:04) godly-cheese: But you.

(19:24:08) godly-cheese: Zamg?

(19:24:09) godly-cheese: No wai?

(19:24:11) godly-cheese: -_-

(19:24:15) godly-cheese: Where are the moderators when you really want to kick someone?

Overall, this guy has no clue what he is talking about...


I honestly think it's the same dude, coming and going. :/


What do you guys think?

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RA1 MUST WORK on Windows 2000, i run it on my old notebook wihout problems, but i only run 2000 because it is RLY OLD


he want only make a mass on the chat... flooder. need be how to show ip andress of the visitors of chat to users, because if it happens, we can prevent this happens agan!


(19:21:15) (RA1Soldier): vista is shit nothing work!


i agree


(19:21:35) (RA1Soldier): and 7 is shit too cuz its vista with skin!


i disagree, it is a cleaned vista, much of the resorces of vista was been edited and rebulded to made a perfect OS (but not so perfect as Linux! haha!)


[edit] ah, if you're thinking win2000 is old, i have pratcly the same age of winXP, XP was launched on 2001 and 2000 in the end of 1999.

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  • 9 months later...

Warning: Strong Language, a troll connected on the chat today, he's from UK...


* ddd (50c3d6e9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. entrou no canal #cncnet
<Myg> welcome ddd
<ddd> how play?
<Myg> are you new?
<ddd> online?
<Myg> C&C95 or RA?
<ddd> How do i play? Just loaded a chat?
* matse (5ddd2fd3@gateway/web/freenode/ip.93.221.XYZ.ßß♣) entrou no canal #cncnet
<Myg> nope
<Myg> welcome matse
<Myg> are you new as ewll?
<Myg> ddd this is how it works
<matse> yes
<Myg> We have a custom system that uses a custom dlll
<ddd> How do i play?
<Myg> you update your game (RA or C&C95)
<Myg> to the latest version
<Myg> and pop the dll in the folder
<ddd> FUCK U ALL
<ddd> PRICKS
<Myg> ddd?
<ddd> FUCK U
<ddd> ALL
<ddd> PRICKS
<Myg> lol
<Myg> you want help?
<ddd> FUCK U ALL
<ddd> PRICK
<Pichorra> wtf?
<ddd> ASS
<ddd> HOLE
<ddd> PRICK
<ddd> CUNTS
<Myg> ignore it
<ddd> GAYS
<ddd> FUCK
<ddd> PRICKS
<Myg> its just empty words
<ddd> ASS
<ddd> HOLES
<Pichorra> hifi : We got problems over here
<ddd> QUEER
<Myg> hes got no authority to make it worth anything
<Dude> myg, he's hurting my feelings
<ddd> PRICK
<Myg> lol
<ddd> PRICKS
<ddd> LITTLE
<ddd> SAT
* matse saiu (Client Quit)
<ddd> FREAKS
* ddd saiu (Client Quit)
<Myg> *sigh*
<Pichorra> LOL
<Pichorra> (i was going to treath him with an "I got your IP, i gonna  hack your comp", but he disconnected)
<Pichorra> =P
<GGpeace> rofl
<Myg> people like that are generally very hurt creatures
<GGpeace> what happene?
<Pichorra> trololos
<Myg> just a troll

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I dislike the use of the word Trolls (this isnt cr*ppy /ppm/ ) but its almost appropriate in these cases

The first one im amazed can turn the computer on never mind install RA (he's a tier below even the RA2 Xwis players in terms of IQ)

The second makes me ashamed he is from the same country as me...

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Lmao, that ddd guy has some serious issues. It's sad though that he used the same line like 13 times.


Poor guy needs to go to therapy.


His brain turned in an Cheese. None therapy will heal that. :P


Note that I've noticed that you can't use /whois effectively in the chat... it seems all people logging in through the web interface are seen as connecting from the UK.


I miss the old ajax chat -_-


Not really, only the Images and others things like that eat the bandwidth. Just disable those one.


Let's Blame Tore! :P

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