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Windows Power cell pop up, then cant see game but can hear it?


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During some games, I get a power cell pop up and it pop ups over my games.

I can close it, but when i try to get back into the game i can only hear it.  I can type and do cheers and use the keyboard but i cant see the game.

I can see the red alert 2 main picture where you see the resume mission button, controls, but when i click on resume mission, it wont let me


Whats the fix.


Use windows 10 and it say its a windows "powercell" pop-up.





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wtf is a "Windows Power Cell".....



PowerShell is a replacement for the old Command line app, think Win10 defaulted to use PS instead of the old CMD.


If PS windows pop up i'd call that suspicious.

That has nothing to do with our code and i'd do a virus check....


As for why the game not being able to display properly after focus loss, loosing focus is broken, the game does that most of the time, this can't be easily fixed without a lot of reverse engineering and rewriting the re'd code significantly.

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You can try DxWnd, it's the only solution that allows you to get back into the game after alt+tab/minimize


extract the files into your game folder:


This solution does make ingame movement very laggy, especially when moving. This is what it does on my Win10 installation anyway, maybe it works for other people.

Or perhaps I need to configure the INI in a different way? I tried all emulation modes and only two numbers work, including the default one (1).

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