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Matt/Max slap Nawb/Korc 5-0


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Dear YR players:


If you want to get pro at this game, plz watch how Matt and Max destroy their competition. Granted, Nawb is pretty average so it's not a very fair matchup, but enjoy our videos.


Nawb, plz stop going around and making up stats. It's very pathetic. Ggz  :laugh:

hi mr PRO guy

im wondring how much u can do vs yuri the awnser is in kinky channel ;)

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Ur such a simple loser matt, how old are u  ?

ur far in ur 20's right ?

Act like a 12 year old.

Typical a american.

Ur a good example why people in the wolrd hate american's.


I am. And you're pushing 50, right? Ain't you the dude that said he wanted to fight me IRL? Said he wanted to kill me? Lmao. Old man, before you try to judge how mature I am, stop tryin' to plot how to kill people on the internet just because they spanked you on ra2.


JSDSLMNOP w/e......Fact is we rape on YR while being ra2 players. We have careers. We have bitches. There is no ladder for us. Not enough competition. No incentive to try to learn overpowered Yuri. Says more that YR players need Yuri to beat us. But why are you even trying to type at me? I own you with miners and dogs. Go away noob. And Kinky is as average as can be. The only people that think he's good are noobz like you.


Mr. Buffalo.... This isn't Miss America. Sometimes I own ppl on here when I'm butt naked at home and eating breakfast. What i'm tryin' to be classy for?

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Your superiority complex would only be valid on YR if u could also play/play against YR. For all your bragging and your ra2 abilities im afraid your simply a small fish in a big pond. Learn how to fight YR and as YR. Then we will take u seriously untill then even the noobs will beat you as YR, damaging your seriously already overinflated ego :D If cncnet ladder ever appears you wont make top 10 if you cant handle YR.

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