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Hi all !



I'm Kozzmozz7, an YR player since WoL (Westwood OnLine) and wanting to learn people to become better and play competitively.


I am playing this game again since Xmas and found out that either I played people that I would win from easily or people I had a good and hard fight against.


The gap between those people is very large and therefor I want to help new and not so new players to learn and become a better player in Yuri's Revenge and thus decreasing the gap between low level and pr0 players.


I will be hosting games 1 V 1 TEACHER + Observer daily for people to join in and play against me and also to watch  so they can improve their game and not feel like a total loser anymore. Me watching them and giving pointers during the match is also possible.





I don't do this so people think i'm the #1 YR player out there, nor do I want people to think I don't make mistakes or lose a game in general. I'm certain I can learn people buildorders / tactics / unit use / ... and enhance their gameplay experience.


IF you want to learn more ? join my games "1 v 1 TEACHER + Observer or type in reply below if you want to play or observe games I play and we will find an arrangement to do so.



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I hope you still remember me we played that day cs  map  and  you did OK untill end of the game i was in hurry so u won and we played

Yesterday touney b it was  this close but u won  by 4 rhinos left :D

We will have more games in  the future


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Good incentive M4trix!


A good idea might be to try some 2on2 matches with them and guide them with beacons etc. or set up a strategy with them pre-game so they know what to do. Something like telling them to get their oils, help you rush with a few annoying rockies etc.


Cheers, good luck!

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I need some 1v1s.

I talk a lot of trash. I mean, a lot. I have probably challenged every player to a 1v1 at some point. It's great.

So, 1v1 me noob.

Low key, I'm only like an above average player. I could use some tips.



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I think this is a really great idea.


As far as I can tell the CNCnet Community isn't as salty as some might think. Actually I have played against lots of Players whose skill was far above mine, but they barely called me out or insulted me. Some or even most of them offered to teach me a trick or two or at least told me WHY it was so easy to them to win against me and this behaviour really helped me to improve my own gameplay.


I am maybe average level if not lower, but everytime I encounter an opponent whose game is much weaker than mine I offer to help them as good as I can.


And IMO this is what playing this game or any other should be about: Having fun and sharing it with others.


Way to go, man. Keep up the good work  :)

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