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Care to test a red alert mission?


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I would like to share my 9th self made mission for red alert. I think it is bug free at the moment. It is a bit of complicated one, but there are several ways in which some jobs can be done. You must for instance infiltrate 2 technology centers to locate some things, but if you spies die it is not a big deal. I did play it with my own rules.ini but I believe it should be even easier with the default rules. The only thing lacking are messages in game but that is about it.


If somebody is interested to test it out and give me some feedback, I included the .ini, you should find it under custom missions, and if not rename it  ;) much obliged


I was atleast thinking to change the starting to a beach for an amphibious landing and increase the defense of the power plants. Mission can also be completed if you get your tanya killed.



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How do you actually play RA custom missions? I know for C&C you just dump it in the folder and give it a number above 20 so it appears in the Covert Ops list, but RA works with some internal definitions file for controlling what is put up in that list, no?

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