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My Tiberian Sun Videos

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Hi all, I present my some videos about tiberian sun game. Here are some:

Online and skirmish matches:









Online matches 2v2: https://youtu.be/7MkZoMdlUzo


Final Sun Editor - Terrain Tutorial:


Final Sun Editor - Scripts 1: Time System, Ion Strom System, Meteor and Meteor Impact System.



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a few tips:


you need to change your resolution to something other than 800 x 600, try 1024 x 768 at least.


you make far too many infantry early on for such a few amount of refineries you initially make, you need more. you never want to be broke at any point in the game, as that makes your building speed slower and only puts your opponent that much farther ahead of you.


you need to scout the entire map early on by sending single light infantry to each corner, and then sending a few infantry between those corner paths you scouted.


just a few introductory tips, if you would like further help, pm me.

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Which recording software do you use? I suggest you chagne the video resolution to 1280x720 before upload it to youtube ( in ur software, no matter what resolution your game is ). this resolotuion is best for 720p, u cant record TS in 1080p anyway so no need. 


check my video for example


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Thank you for advice! I use hyper cam 3. I'll consider it. Did you like my videos? I have videos about Red Alert 1. If you look my video about Red Alert 1, I will glad.

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